Who We Are

Our Message, Model, Roots, History, and Facilities.


Our Message

Love God.  Love People.  Love Life.

When asked by teachers of the Law, Jesus responded in Matthew 22:36-40 that the Great Commandment is to love God with everything - our heart, soul, and mind...and the second greatest is to love people.  Our first priority in life is to Love God with everything and to Love People - which is making disciples.  When you Love God and Love People, the result is that you will Love Life like never before!

Our Model

Simple.  Focused.

We focus on fewer strategies that will produce the greatest impact.  In addition to our worship service, we invest into our Community groups.  Groups are a great way to connect in relationships with others, enter into discipleship, and grow and pray together.  We train leaders to be disciple makers and do ministry together to impact our community and world for Christ.


Our Mission

Make disciples that have a thriving relationship with Christ.

Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 when He told them to "make disciples of all nations," baptizing them and teaching them to obey everything God has commanded them.  God's vision for the church to bring people into a thriving relationship with Christ, and this happens best through multiplication.  God purposed for every believer to make disciples.

Our Roots

Vacation church to relaunch...say what?

LifePoint (or Forest Lakes Bible Church at its inception) was originally started as a summertime only church in the mid to late 70's because of the amount of lakehouse rentals in the immediate area.  Forest Lakes Bible Church, as it was originally named, soon opened their doors year-round.  At Easter of 2011, it was relaunched as LifePoint Bible Church with a fresh vision and mission to make disciples who make disciples and impact our community and world for Christ.


Our Facilities

Let's do church at the lake.

You'll find LifePoint across the road from the Spider Lake Retreat, overlooking the scenic Spider Lake.  The area has many homes and twists and turns around the lakes, but plug us into your GPS - 4353 N. Spider Lake Rd. Traverse City, MI 49696 and we're sure you'll find us nestled in the beautiful Forest Lakes area.  LifePoint is like a big family, join us on Sunday mornings at 10am for a warm time of fellowship, worship, and a safe and loving environment for kids.