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Matthew 28:19-20 when He said, Therefore Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

John Piper: There are 3 possibilities with the Great Commission. You can go. You can send. Or you can be disobedient. Ignoring the cause is not a Christian option.

LUKE 10:2 He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Clarks Commentary: Though the harvest was perfectly ripe, yet the reapers were in no hurry to cut it down. News of this is brought to the Lord of the harvest the farmer, and he is entreated to exert his authority, and hurry them out; and this he does because the harvest is spoiling for want of being reaped and gathered in.

  • Jesus says the Time is Short and the Harvest is Urgent.  He shares some motivations for us to be actively involved in Missions, reaching others a Priority.

The Calling of LifePoint Church…To Prepare People to Meet Jesus.     

3 words/phrases of Luke 10:2 Gives Us Jesus’s Motivation for Missions.  First Motivation is:  HARVEST (v. 2) The Harvest is Plentiful.

The “Harvest” is when you go out and gather up your crops. When your crops have matured and are ready to be brought in. The Harvest is when you CASH in on all your hard work for that year! 

  • The harvest is the reason why the farmer goes out and works in the field. The harvest is the future reward he’s looking forward to.

The Harvest for LifePoint Bible Church is People!  

  • Our Purpose is to invest our time and efforts in sharing with people the power of God and His forgiveness and His grace, and the life He offers for those who follow Him.
  • When people are touched by Christ…When people are Fertilized with the Good News of Jesus…They Will Be Changed! 
  • Just like when a seed receives the proper care and nourishment, it will begin to produce. And that’s what a farmer is after.

Our mission at LifePoint Church is to see people become Fruitful. Our mission is to see people become what God intended for them to be.

  • That’s why we encourage service at LifePoint because we believe people become more ripe towards the things of God when they see believers serving.
  • That’s why we encourage you to love and care for your neighbors because when people see Christians actually LIVING out their faith, they’re more open to the message of Jesus because they see it’s not just talk but it’s action.

All Too Often…Many Christians don’t see the Joy of being a Part of the Harvest.

Consider: We lose understanding of the Harvest because we just go to the grocery store and buy what we want and leave. But for the one who was actually there doing the picking, the one who’s actually involved in the harvest, there’s Great Joy.  Bottom of FormBecause they participated in the produce being cared for and nurtured all the way to our table. They have a greater appreciation for it than for those who don’t really have any part in that process.

The 2nd Word in Verse 2 is Plentiful, “The Harvest is PLENTIFUL.” It’s Abundant!

  • That means there are people surrounding us who are HUNGRY to know God.
  • But the harvest isn’t going to happen until God’s people are motivated for the harvest.

The Focus and the Motivation for LifePoint Church is to see the most people rescued by Jesus as possible.

My Hope is that each of Us at LifePoint will Look Back and see how God Used Us to Impact Lives for Eternity!   Imagine the Joy You Will Have Knowing through All Eternity that there are People in Heaven Because of YOU!!!

Verse 2 tells us that Our 2nd motivation for missions is a NEED FOR WORKERS.

KEY: A huge harvest is waiting but it won’t be brought in until God’s people get involved in the harvest.

  • God chose to work thru people, You and Me, to bring in the harvest. If We Neglect His Plan to Reach the World Though Us…It Won’t Happen!
  • People are out there searching and looking for something to fill the void in their lives.
  • They’re  all around us and Only You have the Truth that God can Change their Lives.

We have so many things vying for our attention that we no longer see the harvest before our eyes. We go to work and only see the job before us for the day. Not the receptionist who is dying for someone to share w/her something she can believe and hope in.

If OUR neighbors are going to be impacted by Christ…We’re going to have to begin looking at them with the eyes of Christ and realize they’re not going to be reached unless We Reach Them.

The 3rd motivation for missions is: God Will Provide Us With The Ability To Win People.

  • It say’s to ask God to send out His workers for the harvest. It’s not a suggestion. It’s a command!
  • With Gods Command…Always Comes Gods Provision!

KEY: If we are obedient to Jesus’ command to share Him with others, God will provide us with what to say. Jesus is simply looking for You to be Obedient to His Leadership.

God Promises, that as we’re obedient to His call to be His workers that we will see a harvest!

  • Each Sunday I want you to come expecting God to do a work in people’s lives.
  • Every Day, I Want You to Know There is Someone in Your Area of Influence that Feels Empty…Disillusioned, Needing Gods Love, Forgiveness and Grace! 

God has Given Each One of Us…YOU…A Great Mission…May You and I Embrace it and Watch God Move in a Mighty Way!  God is Waiting for All of Us to Have a Passion for the Lost!

POINT:  Will YOU Commit Yourself to the Mission of the Harvest?!