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SEPT 15, 2019: What Will Keep the Church in America from Experiencing Spiritual Revival?

Chuck Lawless, Dean of Doctoral Studies and Vice-President of Spiritual Formation and Ministry Centers at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, said that he believes that the North American Church is Unlikely to Experience Revival Because the present church culture doesn’t exhibit some of the characteristics that have preceded God’s great movements. He stated several reasons…

We’re Not Really Desperate For God. He Said…We may use that kind of “desperation” terminology, but the words don’t always reflect our heart.

Question: “When was the Last Time YOU Pleaded for God’s Presence in Your Life?”.

We Tend to Speak About the Sin of Others Rather Than Deal with Our Own Sin. Preaching against Sins that We sometimes Tolerate Under Our Own Roof.


QUESTION: When was the Last Time YOU came to God Broken over Your Personal Sin and Cried Out to God for Forgiveness?!

We Find Happiness in Our Stuff. Sure, we know it’s all fleeting, but we treat it as if it weren’t. The more stuff We have, the “Happier” We Feel and…The Less We Need God!

We Know Little of the Word of God and Often Less About Gods Working Throughout the History of the Old Testament and the Church.

  • Our Lack of Knowledge about God’s Miraculous Intervention and Powerful displays of Love and Provision in the Past…Yields a Corresponding Lack of Burden for Others.


We have too few Persevering, Patient, Persistent Prayer Warriors. Our Praying is too Often Reactionary…Hit & Miss…that is, We Pray Only When We Feel We Must.

  • Q: When was the Last Time YOU Pleaded with God to Fall on YOU with His Power.


We’re Probably Not Ready to Pay the Cost of Revival”.  Because when Christians aren’t desperate for God, Focus on the Sins of Others rather than their Own Sin, Seek Happiness in Stuff, and Neglect Prayer and Gods Word…They will NOT be Willing to Pay the Cost of Revival…

  • Because Revival can only Come from God the Holy Spirit Coming Down to Us!


When God Falls on You and Me in His Power, the Result Will be a Brokenness that Leads to Repentance from Sin and Weeping Over Lostness of Self and the World.


Your Response these points Will Determine the Degree of Spiritual Revival You Will Experience!!

God is Prepared, Waiting Patiently, For Us to Humble Ourselves and Pray for Revival in Our Lives so that He May Reach Out to the World Through Us and Transform Lives for Eternity!

This is What the “Invested Life” is really All about…God’s Power Working in and Through Us to Carry Out the Great Commission…In Our Going…MAKE DISCIPLES!

God’s Promise says, If we will once again set our hearts and minds on Him There is Tremendous Hope!

  • If the Churches across America, that presently focus on “crowd appeal” and “pleasing the masses”, Will instead Call Out Destructive Lifestyles and Sin, it will result in Revival and Renewal.


Here are 6 Things That Must Happen to Bring Spiritual Revival to Us and the Church

1.Recognize the Desperate Need for Absolute Truth!!  Relativism-Postmodernism challenge truth. Attacking absolute truth is like waging war on a lighthouse. It cannot be negotiated, bargained, or debated.


  1. Recognize the Desperate Need for Loving Others Sacrificially…Will they know our Love by how many scriptures we quote, or how often we read the Bible? The answer is a resounding, “NO!!”. Jesus said that love, Not Knowledge, is the characteristic of a genuine disciple.


I love theology, but it’s possible to be “Bible taught,” but not “Spirit led” — Straight as a gun barrel theologically, but just as Empty!


  1. Recognize the Desperate Need for Holiness. Holiness is Not an Outdated Word. It means being set apart from anything that causes us to sin, whether mentally (what we think), or physically (what we do)
  • Holiness Begins in the Heart. We should continually strive for holiness in all that we do and say.


How Often We Quench and Grieve the Spirit of God? It’s impossible to develop a deep respect and desire for God if we repeatedly fill our mind with things that oppose Him.

  • A. Torrey, “The gratification of the flesh and the fullness of the Spirit do NOT go hand in hand”


  1. Recognize A Prayerless Christian is a Powerless Christian. E.M. Bounds, who was born in 1835, began his three-hour prayer routine at 4am. To him, prayer was not a prelude; it was a priority.


  1. Recognize the Desperate Need for Holy Spirit Power. The Holy Spirit Enables and Empowers us to Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness and to Boldly Live for Christ.
  • Charles Spurgeon said it best, “What can a hammer do without the hand that grasps it…And what can we do without the Spirit of God?”
  • Why, don’t many see their need for a mighty filling of the Holy Spirit? The most common answer is PRIDE. Many do not want to admit that there may be something lacking.

FACT…In Christ, we have ALL of God the Holy Spirit…The Question is…Does He have ALL of Us?    This is “The” Crucial step to Experiencing Revival.

  1. Recognize the Desperate Need for Christ. If current statistics hold true, many will continue to reject Christ, never to return; or, they will embrace a glamorized Christianity, both to the same end.
  • Life is a Battleground, Not a Playground! Christianity is Not a Spectator Sport!


KEY QUESTON>>>WHO IS JESUS TO YOU?   How you answer this question is the difference between right and wrong, light and darkness, heaven and hell.

  • When asked this question Matthew 16:16, the apostle Peter gave the correct response: You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”.
  • Jesus Himself confirmed this in John 14:6 by saying: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”.
  • In John 7:38: Jesus said that whoever believes in Him WILL (Not Might) Experience “Rivers of Living Water” Flowing Out of Them.

This is Revival…If You are Not Experiencing this Abundant Life, You’re Not Fully Connected to the True Source of Spiritual Life.