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I Am Thankful that I am an American…What a Privilege to be born in What I Believe to be the Greatest Country to Ever Live on the Face of Our World!

  • America’s Greatness is Not Found in her Natural Resources or in the Intellect of her People…America is Great Because…God has Blessed America.


No Nation has Ever had Such a Christian Beginning as America.

  • The Original Colonies were Founded Because of the Christian Faith.
  • The Pilgrims came to Our Shores in 1620 Seeking Religious Liberty. [401 Years Ago]
  • On the Mayflower, the Pilgrims wrote the “Mayflower Compact.”They stated that their purpose in coming to America was for the Glory of God and the Advancement of the Christian faith.


Our American Government Was Established and Rooted in Faith in Almighty God.

  • Our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was also, at the same time, a Declaration of “Dependence” Upon Almighty God.
  • Our founding fathers believed in God and in Creation. They stated that this is “self-evident.”
  • Psalm 14:1 “The Fool says in his Heart, “There is No God.” They are Corrupt, their Deeds are Vile; there is o one who does good”.


  • of the 55 Men who Framed the Constitution were Professing Christians.
  • James Madison, the architect of the Constitution and the fourth president of the United States, stated that they staked the future of American civilization…Not upon the Power of Government…But Upon the Capacity of each of Us to Govern and to Sustain Ourselves According to the Ten Commandments of God. e Cannot even Post the Ten Commandments upon classroom walls.


President George Washington, in his first inaugural address, Acknowledged that a Nation could Not Expect God’s Blessings if that Nation Disregarded God’s Laws.

  • Daniel Webster stated, let us Not Forget the Religious Character of Our Origin.


President John Quincy Adams stated that the highest glory of the American Revolution was that it Connected in one Indissoluble Bond the Principles of Civil Government with the Principles of Christianity.

  • Our Founding Fathers Believed in the Separation of Church and State…But Not in the Separation of God and Government.
  • He stated that from the day of the Declaration, the American people were bound by the laws of God.
  • President Andrew Jackson stated, The Bible is the Rock upon which our Republic rests.
  • President Abraham Lincoln, in his farewell address at Springfield, Illinois, Acknowledged the Power and Omniscience of God.
  • He also stated that if it were Not for the Bible, we would Not Know Right from Wrong.
  • In 1952, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas stated that we are a religious people and that our institutions Presuppose a Supreme Being.
  • In 1954, Congress adopted the phrase “under God” to be added to our Pledge of Allegiance.
  • In 1956, Congress adopted the phrase “In God We Trust” as our National Motto.


Sadly, our National Heritage Lies in DECAY today, and our Christian Values are in Retreat… We Need a National Revival. Sexual Promiscuity, Perversion, the Disposal of Unborn Children, the Breakup of the Family, Obsession with Self and Materialism All speak of a Nation on its last legs.

  • Without Christianity, Americans No Longer have a Common Culture Upon Which We Were Built…That God’s Laws and Principles Would Govern Our Land and People!
  • Unless America Experiences a Miracle, We are on a Collision Course with Judgment.
  • If God Removes His Hand of Protection and Provision We Will Fail as Other Governments and Peoples Before Us!   In Psalm 85 We See the Prayer of a Patriot…It is a Prayer for Revival.

Psalm 85:4-6 “Restore us again, God our Savior, and put away your displeasure toward us.  5 Will you be angry with us forever?  Will you prolong your anger through all generations 6 Will You Not Revive Us Again, that Your People May Rejoice in You?”


PSALM 85 Verse 6 GIVES US THE source of revival:  The psalmist is speaking to God…and says, “Will you Not Revive Us Again, that Your People May Rejoice in You?”

  • I Believe…It is NEVER too Late for America Because…God’s Word Makes Clear Revival is Always Possible! God’s Grace and Power are Sufficient and Always Ready to Receive Any People Back That Will Humble Themselves and Turn Back to Him!


Romans 5:20 States, “The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, Grace Increased All the More.”

  • The Sin of Mankind is NO EXCUSE for NOT Having REVIVAL.
  • In Fact…It is an INSULT to God to say that We Cannot have Revival in This Time.
  • God Is Our Only Hope…But God is Also Our Biggest Threat…Our National Sin Angers God, and America Needs to Repent.


We Should Never Look to Any Political Party to Save America.

  • We dare not identify our faith with any political party.
  • We Need to be able to Tell All Parties to Repent and get Right With God.
  • Government Cannot Save Us…In Fact that is Not Its Purpose…
  • The Purpose of Government is to Protect us from Evil…It Cannot Make Us Good.
  • We Cannot Legislate Morality…There is NO Law that can Make People Honest, Loving or Kind…So, there Must be Laws to Keep People from Harming Others.
  • Laws are Here to Legislate Against Immorality.


Only God Can Make Us Good…America was based on the Fact that there is a Sovereign God; and if we take God out of the American government, it then Falls Apart.

  • Since The Only Source of Revival is Almighty God…We Need to Take Our Eyes Off the Problem and Place Our Eyes on God.


psalm 85:6 ProvideS the “subjects” of revival: “Will you not revive us again, that your people…may rejoice in you?””

  • It is Not the Unsaved Who Need Revival…THEY NEED SALVATION! The Reason for Revival is to Reinvigorate that which was once there…Revival is for the People of God.


The Answer for America is Not in the School House or the State House…But in the Church House…The Hope for America lies Exclusively in God’s People…You & Me!

  • 2 Chronicles 7:14 “IF My People, who are Called by My Name, will Humble themselves and Pray and Seek My Face and Turn from their Wicked Ways, then I Will Hear from Heaven, and I Will Forgive their Sin and Will Heal Their Land.”


There are Universal Principles in this Text that Apply to Any Nation Anywhere… However There are Several Things We Need to Notice in this Passage of Scripture:

  • God does Not say, “If only Hollywood would,” “If only the Supreme Court would,” “If only Congress would,” or “If only Washington would.” God says, “If My People.”
  • God is talking to Us…His church…The Future of America is In Our Hands.
  • God Notes the Problem is Pride…So He Says, We Need to Humble Ourselves.
  • However, Many People in America Think they are too Good to be Damned. [WORKS]


Matt 7:21-23 Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles? 

 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Instead of trying to Save Face, America Needs to Be on its Face before Almighty God

  • Pr 3:34, “He Mocks Proud Mockers but Shows Favor to the Humble and Oppressed.”
  • Not only will God not help us, but God Will Oppose Us if We are Arrogant…We Must Guard Against Pride in Our Personal Lives.
  • Nothing puts a person so far out of reach of the devil as Genuine Humility.
  • God wants America to Humble Ourselves. If we do Not, then there are other ways that God may humble us, which We Will Not Like. [We’re Seeing this Beginning Now]


The Prayer that God Hears is the Prayer that Seeks the Face of God…The Face of God is Revival.

  • Numbers 6:25 says, “the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you.”
  • The Countenance of God is Revival, God Does Not Turn Away His Face, But He Smiles Upon Us.


Instead of Seeking God’s Face, Many Seek God’s Hand. God Do Something!  If we Only Seek God’s Hand with Unconfessed Sin in Our Lives…God’s Hand Will Judge Us…But if We Seek God’s Face, Confessing Sin…He Will Save Us.  Ps 66:18 “If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.”

  • If we want God’s face to Shine on Us, then We Must Turn From Our Sins.
  • Habakkuk 1:13 “Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrongdoing. Why then do you tolerate the treacherous? Why are you silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves?”


If we want God’s face and His beneficence, then we Cannot simply hope that America turns from her wicked ways…We Must Individually Turn from Our Wicked Ways.  America is but the “sum-total of its population”. There can Never be National Repentance without Individual Repentance.

  • The Promise God Honors…Is When We Deal with [Confess] Our Sin…Then God is Fully Able to Send Revival to this Nation. God has sent revival in dark days before, and He Wants do it again…When We are Humble and Seeking to be Holy…We Will Be Heard.


psalm 85:6 MAKES CLEAR…the sign of revival IS REJOICING IN GOD…NOT Rejoicing in Things, Privileges, or Vaunting Ourselves in Pride…BUT REJOICING IN GOD.

  • Ps 126: 5-6: Those who Sow with tears will Reap with songs of Joy. 6 Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.


Here God Says…Revival Comes in 3 Stages:

  1. There’s a time of Weeping. We have plenty to weep about, beginning with the coldness of our own hearts, the ineptitude of our churches, the weakness of our prayers, and the lostness of our neighbors and families.  Revival Begins with a Time of Weeping.  Beatitude #2 “Blessed are those who Mourn for they will be Comforted.”
  1. There’s a Time of Reaping.  When we have genuine revival, souls will come to Jesus in multiplied numbers.
  2. There’s a Time of Rejoicing.  Psalm 85:6 When we have a burning, blazing and passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ, then we will rejoice in God.  There is No Greater Nor a Higher Joy.



  • The Question Each of Us Need to Ask is…Are We Going to Just Watch Our Freedoms and Liberties Recede over the Horizon…OR are We, at LifePoint Church and as Individuals, going to Pray for God to Send Revival? There have been many revivals in history.


Kings 18:22-35:  Ahab and Jezebel were on the throne of Israel, and the prophet Elijah challenged the priests of Baal. Everything doesn’t have to be just right in order to have revival; we shouldn’t insult God by claiming that the wood is too wet to burn.

  • There was a revival in Jerusalem at Pentecost…This was an unlikely place for revival. They had stoned the prophets…They Crucified Christ, Nailing Him to the Cross. One of Jesus’ disciples had betrayed Him, and another had cursed and denied Him. The rest of the church was panic-stricken.
  • Acts 2: But On the day of Pentecost, thousands came into the Kingdom of Heaven…If God sent revival to Jerusalem, then He can send revival to our modern-day cities in America.
  • In the Dark Ages, God raised up Martin Luther, Calvin, and other mighty leaders.
  • The Protestant Reformation was really a mighty revival where thousands came to Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Revival came to Wales in 1904…One writer described it as coming like an “unexpected tornado”.


We Can have Revival in America today…We can have Revival in our Country, State, City, and in our church, our family, and in Ourselves…IF We Seek God’s Face, Before His Hand…God Says in His Word…

  • Psalm 27:8 “My heart says of you, “Seek His face!” Your face, Lord, I will Seek.”
  • Psalm 24:5-6 “They will receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God their Savior. Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, God of Jacob.”
  • Psalm 105:4 “Look to the Lord and His Strength; Seek His Face Always.” Psalm 119:58 “I have sought Your Face with All My Heart; be Gracious to Me According to Your Promise.”


When you Look for Someone’s Help You are Seeking that Person’s Assistance. You want that person to do something for you…rectify a problem or get out of a mess.  When you get a flat tire, you call AAA to fix it. When you go to the deli at the supermarket, you ask the butcher for certain cuts of meat.  When you have a toothache, you go to the dentist for help.

  • HOWEVER…When a Believer is Facing a Mountain that he/she Cannot Climb, or is Walking through a Dark Valley of Life, God does it a Different way. He Does Not Want You to First Seek His Service [Hand] But Instead to Seek His Face. WORSHIP


In Our Verses Above God Makes it Clear We Are To…Seek His face, Not His Hand. We Are to Seek to Know God Before Seeking Healing. God Wants You to Know Him.  God longs for a Personal Relationship with You…He wants to Reveal Himself to You. He longs for You to get Beyond the Acquaintance Level.

  • When Moses sought to know God, he got so close to Him that he had to take off his shoes for he was standing on holy ground. When Isaiah sought to know God, he got so close that he had to cry out how Unclean he personally felt he was.


God’s hand Provides Protection and Pleasure…However, The Bible does Not instruct you to Seek God’s Hand, the Bible Instructs You to First Seek God’s Face.  Begin seeking God for who He is before seeking God for what He does for you. We tend to Ask God More for Things than to Worship God.

  • In God’s Presence, you will experience everything you need. 1 Chronicles 16:11 says “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.”.


Why is Seeking Gods Face of Greatest Importance?  When you seek God’s Face Rather than His Hand, You set Yourself Up for a Dramatic change.

FIRST…The monumental mountain that you are facing, or the deep dark valley that you are walking through will become So Very Small in Comparison to Experiencing God’s Closeness, Goodness, and Greatness in Your Life.

SECOND…The Whipping, Stormy Winds of Life Will Become Just a Breeze in Comparison to God’s Protective Power.

THIRD…In the Midst of Every Gigantic Trial…When You Place Your Eyes and Focus on God’s Face Trusting Him…Your Trials Will Seem Minor in Comparison to God’s Faithfulness and Provision.


Seeking God’s Face means Desiring to Know His Character and Wanting Him and His Presence—More than Any Other Thing He Can Give Us.


When YOU Choose God’s Face First…When Your Heart and Passion is on Eternity… There Will Be Revival ln Your Life and God Will Use YOU to Bring Revival to America!


Today’s LIFE POINT: “Revival is Just A New Beginning of Obedience to God”.

Charles Finney Paraphrase